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           New for 2017

Race day times  pit gates will open at 430 pm for practice and racing will start at 7:00 pm.

There will still be open practice held on Friday’s from 3 pm. till dusk for $20.00 a car or driver.


Saturday afternoons before regular racing starts There will be no cars worked on Tech. or run in the pits or on track till 4:30 . Anyone camping can do so at there camp site until  the regular program starts .

There were changes to the ages in 2015 to the Jr “ A “ and  Jr. “ B “ Sprint Divisions. The Jr “ B “ division will be ages 5  till  8 years of age .  The  Jr “ A “  division will be ages  9  till  15  years of age . As of May 1 st . If a driver is able to be moved up or down a division it will be at managements discretion.

In 2017 race season there will be no drop nights.

Jr B / Jr A / JLM /M.T. will run 10 race nights running Double features only no heat races in 2017.


9 hp Mod. Sprint Division will be running a 8 race series.With double  features                                      

The BONE STOCK FOR FUN  4 CLY.  DIVISION  which will run DELAWARE RULES and also FULL THROTTLE SPEEDWAY RULES . There will be 8 race series with heat races and 35 lap features on the oval .

The only rule changes being changed in the rule book has to do with engine seals . If you have the new cap style seal on your motor that is solid and dose not move or spin or the lead seals  you will again have your motor pulled for inspection at any time now.  Also old claim rule of  $200.00 has been changed to $50.00 to make it easier for the drivers or reg. Car owners to claim some ones motor for DYNO TESTING if you don't think were doing our jobs .


This year with the LEGENDS car division will be running a eight    

race point series Under the Western Ontario INEX Legend series with  Steve Peake at the helm . There will be 2 races at Grand Bend 2 at     Sauble 2 at FTMS and 2 at Delaware with the final being a double     points for both east and west series running together at G.B.S.

    on Sept 9 /2017.




Track Divisions: Jr. B Sprints Jr. A Sprints Jr. Late Models 9hp Mods Mini Trucks Legends 4 Fun 4 Cyl. 5-8 yrs. Old 9-15 yrs. Old 5-15 yrs. Old 12 & up * 12 & up * 12 & up * 15 & up * *= 3 years experience required. 2017 Rules 4 & 6 Cyl. Bone Stock Jr. A & B Micro Sprint 9 HP Mods 9 HP Jr. Late Models 13 HP Mini Trucks General Track Rules Click on title to download file